CrazySouslik - Vladimir



  • junior
  • javascript-developer
  • html, css, javascript

My last works


Project MC-BUY

Catche the mouse - браузерная игра на javascript

Browser games "Kill the mouse"

GreenFood.pro - магазин вегетарианских товаров

Интернет-магазин GreenFood.pro


Project Tesla


I constantly strive to acquire new knowledge, learn modern technologies and methods of work. And so my modest Arsenal is constantly updated with useful tools.

  1. HTML 5

    I use an adaptive, cross-browser layout using BEM methodology and semantics.

  2. CSS 3

    It depends on the CSS appearance of the page, so I pay great attention to CSS, trying to eliminate prefixes and inheritance. When layout use Flexbox, Grid.

  3. CSS Animation

    CSS Animation - A fascinating journey into animation and modern interactive pages and applications.

  4. JavaScript ES5/ES6

    To maintain the dynamics of the pages I use javascript, I try to write clear, supported code, without unnecessary duplication.

  5. React

    React is a powerful JavaScript library for developing dynamic application components.

  6. Node.js

    Node is convenient for creating APIs - convenient libraries already exist.

  7. Gulp

    When building projects, I use a reliable collector that allows to obtain valid transperineally JS code to handle the CSS files, optimizing images and much more.

  8. PostCSS

    A reliable assistant in my work, which greatly speeds up the coding process.


    SASS/SCSS - convenient, clear and widely used tool.

  10. Git

    Team work is a very important part of development, and versioning is a necessary tool in working on a project. That's why I chose Git as one of the most convenient tools for monitoring and organizing my work.

Git repository

Here you can see my work from the inside, after seeing the very essence of the front-end of development - clean code.

    Let`s cooperate

    So are you looking for a professional, communicative & punctual software engineer for your next project?

    Если у вас есть If you have an application you are interested in developing with web technology, I’d love to work with you on it. I work primarily with JavaScript but picking up new languages or frameworks isn’t a problem.